Gender Pay Gap Reporting obligations

The full details of which organisations are required to report on gender pay gap data are published by the Government Equalities Office. The latest statutory guidance was updated 9 January 2024. An abstract of the definitions of who needs to report is set out in statutory guidance at The opening summary is reproduced below: […]

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Competitive disadvantages

The new Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act mandates that small companies and micro-entities will have to file at Companies House accounts, that for the first time, will need to include a profit and loss account. Apparently, there is concern that a registered, smaller concern has not previously been required to file reports that disclose

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Out of interest

Usury is defined as the practice of making loans that are unfairly enriching the lender. And we must take comfort that most lenders in the UK are limited by legislation to keep rates charged at a reasonable level; unless, of course, you are a loan shark.   Banks are the biggest lenders, and you may

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Time to renew tax credits

HMRC is currently sending the annual tax credit renewal packs to the 730,000 tax credit claimants and is encouraging recipients to renew their tax credits claim online. HMRC started writing to taxpayers on 2 May and expects all packs to be with recipients by the 19 June 2024. Renewal packs with a black stripe across

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New law on tipping

Millions of UK workers will take home an estimated £200 million more of their hard-earned cash, as employers are banned from withholding tips under the Employment (Allocation of Tips) Act 2023. The act received Royal Assent 2 May 2023. Many hospitality workers rely on tips to top up their pay and are often left powerless

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