By operating in the retail and eCommerce space, you really help fulfill people’s dreams. How about fulfilling your own dream of more profitability with less hassle? Our deep expertise in the sector allows us to help you with complex revenue recognition scenarios associated with online sales, discounts, returns, and loyalty programs, making inventory accounting easier, and ensuring accurate cost calculation and control to boost your profit margins. If you have a global reach, we adeptly handle VAT complexities for cross-border transactions, advising on emerging payment methods, such as cryptocurrencies, and their respective accounting and tax implications providing a seamless accounting experience in the digital marketplace.

Here is how we can help you:

  • Advise on the most tax-effecient structure for your business
  • Implemet or upgrade accounting systems to organise your business records for better reporting
  • Provide book-keeping and management reporting services, providing you clarity and saving precious time and cost
  • Prepare annual accounts, coporation tax returns and self-assessment tax returns
  • Advise on business challenges using our sector knowledge to bring effeciency to your bussiness for saving costs, avoiding potential pitfalls and grow revenue
  • Payroll and pension matters
  • Advise on VAT matters relating to your business including the applicable VAT scheme and partial exemptions