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BizNav was established in 2009 with a distinctive vision – to offer accountancy services focused on strategic advice rather than traditional compliance services which most firms offer. The mission from day one was to add massive value to clients’ businesses by partnering with them to drive business growth, and save costs and taxes. 

We grounded our mission in certain values which became our way of working with our clients. These values namely integrity, client focus (which included timely client communications and pro-active approach to client matters), the use of cutting-edge technology, employing top talent from diverse experience working towards recognised accountancy qualifications, and delivering valuable insights that help clients get the most out of their business. Our clients recognised and appreciated our way of working and the word spread which resulted in fast growth for the firm.     

 Over the years, the tools and technology evolved, and standing firm to our mission, we adopted the most innovative tools and technologies to deliver our clients life-changing accountancy services. After serving hundreds of clients, hundreds of thousands in saved costs, millions of pounds in tax savings, and assisting clients raise millions in financing, we have literally seen our client’s lives change right before our eyes. And these moments are the most gratifying for us. 

The question is what can we do for you? 

How do you feel about massively increasing your net worth? Or how about breaking all of your previous growth records? What would it be like to save thousands of pounds in taxes and re-investing back into the business or enjoy more family holidays together? Imagine how it would feel to systemise and automate your processes to save up to 70% of the time currently spent on manual processes? What about those sleepless nights, anxiety, and stress over the numbers, would you like to leave all those behind? 

 Let’s make it a little more interesting and exciting. 

Let’s introduce you to mental models and thinking in frameworks. 

It is proven that thinking in mental models and frameworks enhances business cognition. They facilitate precise analysis and informed decision-making, augmenting strategic planning and risk management. These models enrich understanding, stimulate creativity, and foster a holistic approach, thereby bolstering leadership competencies and innovation. 

And we have exactly such a mental model for you to think about your business and how we can help you. 

It’s called the ‘Pilot Growth Model’. And the best thing is we have named it after you. Yes, you! 

Look, as a business owner, CEO, or Managing Director you are the Pilot for your business. Your vision, your ambitions, and the goals you make as a result, the tools and mindset you use to materialise these goals have a direct impact on the results your business achieves. Basically, the buck stops with you. So, think of your business as a spacecraft and yourself as the Pilot who needs to fly it to its destination i.e., financial glory. If you look at the Pilot Growth Model, you will see that every area of your business has an analogy to an area of a space shuttle. This provides cognitive hooks about different moving parts within your business and reinforces your role in the driver’s seat which is empowering.   

We see ourselves as your enablers who can help you get clear on your vision, drive your ambition and achieve your goals. Very much like a rocket that enables the space shuttle to break through the gravitational field to reach outer space. The ‘brain’ of our ‘rocket’ signifies our firm’s values discussed above and approach to delivering life-changing services for our clients.  

So, if you want breakthroughs and aha moments, get clarity, save on taxes and costs, and chart a new direction for your business, please do get in touch. Let’s see if we can take your business life up a notch.