VAT is a complex area of taxation. There are multiple VAT schemes. There also can be multiple VAT rates that apply to the goods and services you are selling. Navigating through the complexities of VAT taxation can be tricky. Our team of specialists and their expertise in administering the appropriate scheme for your business – whether it be Flat Rate or Cash Accounting, Partial Exemption or Margin Schemes, you don’t have to worry about missing the right VAT treatment. Our experienced team is available to ensure correct VAT treatment and administration.  We can review your business transactions and structures to provide assurance that you are making the most of all applicable deductions, as well as prepare or review your returns for accuracy. We can also offer fee protection insurance which is really helpful in capping your costs in case HMRC does a VAT inspection. Something also to consider is our outsourced book-keeping solution which can not only support your VAT compliance but also give you in-depth insights into your numbers. It gives you the assurance of a rolling review to provide peace of mind that business transactions are being correctly recorded in line with tax regulations whilst keeping the costs to minimum. Say hello to synergy!