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Personal Tax

We listen and understand you, your business, business environment, applicable regulation and your goals and objectives. This wholistic picture helps us add real value by delivering an outstanding tax service which includes:

Preparation and filing of accurate self-assessment tax returns
  • Complete your tax returns, calculate any tax liability and advise you on exactly when to make payments and how much to pay
  • File the returns on your behalf taking the headache out of the form filling and compliance aspect of Self-Assessment
But that is just the end outcome. To achieve the optimum tax outcome for you, we pro-actively work with you to plan your tax matters. Effective tax planning to legally minimise your tax liability Income Tax Planning
  • Recover income tax you have paid in the previous three tax years
  • Avoid paying higher rate income tax in this tax year
  • Reduce your overall income tax bill
Capital Gains Tax Planning
  • Save CGT on the sale of a second property
  • Structure your affairs to ensure you only pay 10% CGT on the sale of certain assets
  • Defer CGT bill using the various CGT reliefs and exemptions available
Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Use lifetime planning to reduce exposure to IHT
  • Use effective wills, trusts and other shelters to maximise your family’s inheritance
Other Savings Opportunities
  • Reduce the stamp duty payable on the purchase of properties over £1m
  • Save national insurance by restructuring remuneration packages
  • Fund your finance requirements via tax rebates
  • Protect your personal assets where long-term care costs are an issue
Life Events The following life events should all be accompanied by a review of your tax position:-
  • Getting married / entering a civil partnership
  • Having a baby
  • Separation /divorce
  • Career progression
  • Setting up a business/ selling a business
  • Business changes
  • Getting older / retirement

Why BizNav?

Taxes literally have the potential to make or break a business depending on whether managed properly or poorly. So, shouldn’t you work with a firm who truly understand the real value of pro-active tax planning and have the expertise to effectively execute tax related business strategies?

This is where BizNav comes in. We here at BizNav have 60 years of combined partner experience for achieving brilliant tax outcomes for our clients whether it be through tax planning, filing of accurate tax returns or dealing with all tax related matters.  Our approach is simple yet very effective. We are driven by a passion to partner with our clients to solve their biggest challenges. We believe true value in a business can only be unlocked through deeper long-term relationships, a courtship if you like rather than speed dating. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through our qualification from one of the world’s most respected chartered accountancy bodies, The institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW). This means our expertise is built on the education and training at the highest standard in the profession unlike many ‘speed daters’ with commitment issues i.e., unqualified or online accountants practising in the sector to make a quick buck.

We use cutting-edge technology and talented experts to meet your compliance obligations, provide business insights, timely communicate with you in all matters, help you save tax and raise financing for your growth.

In summary, through our significant experience in accountancy and business advisory including business tax, we can take the hassle out of tax compliance, help minimise your tax liability or get a fast refund if due, hence Biz (Business) Nav (Navigator)!