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Monthly Archives: June 2021

Business risk is increasing

COVID disruption has added a further layer to the business risk cake. Do you know how many of your customers are at risk of failure? It is estimated that between 20% and 30% of small businesses, and a sprinkling of … Continue reading

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Payroll – late filing penalties 2021-22

HMRC have issued the following comments on their adoption of a risk-based penalty strategy for 2021-22. They said: Following HMRC’s review of the effectiveness of the risk-based approach to late filing PAYE and late payment penalties, we can confirm this … Continue reading

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Informed v guesswork

First, let’s define these terms. “informed” – a decision or judgement based on an understanding of the facts of the situation. “guesswork” the process or results of estimating or concluding something without sufficient information to be sure of being correct. … Continue reading

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Ready for tax payments next month?

January and July are positive cash flow months for the UK Treasury as a number of significant taxes fall due for collection. Next month, July 2021, taxpayers may need to settle the following liabilities: 1 July 2021, companies with corporation … Continue reading

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Beware bogus contacts from HMRC

None of us are particularly thrilled to receive communications from HMRC, but fraudulent contacts, by email and other means, are becoming commonplace and innocent members of the public are being left out of pocket. According to HMRC, in the 12 … Continue reading

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