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Monthly Archives: August 2018

VAT before and after Brexit

Businesses that buy goods from the EU or export goods to the EU would be advised to read the recent guidance from HMRC that is published under the title: "VAT for businesses if there is no Brexit deal" The stated … Continue reading

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Where there is a Will…

None of us relish the thought of our own demise which probably explains why approximately 70% of us have not made a Will. With no direction, who will inherit your worldly goods if you die without making a Will? The … Continue reading

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What has hope got to do with it?

In a recent tax case, Pallister v Revenue & Customs, Pallister’s son (PJ) was left a share in his deceased parent’s investment property in June 2012. A local surveyor valued the property at £1.2m and this was the figure used … Continue reading

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Boosting recycling through the tax system

The government has announced that it has received record-breaking support from members of the public to counter the blight of plastic waste. Here’s what they said: Individuals, businesses and campaign groups have expressed overwhelming support for action on tackling the … Continue reading

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New ideas from government think tank

At the beginning of August, the Office for Tax Simplification (OTS) – a government department charged with coming up with new ideas to simplify our tax system – issued a number of reports and recommendations. They include a number of … Continue reading

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