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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Room to breathe

The government are considering plans to offer people with serious debt issues time to consider their options. They are seeking views to develop a way to provide individuals in debt with up to six weeks free from further interest, charges … Continue reading

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Could you claim a tax refund

If one party to a marriage or civil partnership has earnings below the personal tax allowance (£11,500 for 2017-18) and their spouse does not pay tax at the higher 40% rate, then they should be claiming the Marriage Allowance. For … Continue reading

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Gazumping to become a thing of the past

The government seems to be taking steps to streamline the process of buying and selling your home. In particular, they are seeking views on ending the practice known as gazumping: where an offer can be accepted and then disregarded when … Continue reading

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Not so trivial benefits

According to HMRC you don’t have to pay tax or NIC on a benefit provided to an employee if: it costs you £50 or less to provide (or the average cost per employee if a benefit is provided to a … Continue reading

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Are you lending money to your company

There is a whole raft of legislation that seeks to penalise directors and shareholders if they borrow money from their company. These regulations include possible benefit in kind charges for the director/shareholder, and additional corporation tax payments of 32.5% for … Continue reading

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